Woman Stopped for DUI, Arrested on Drug Charges in Rome

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The police in Rome attempted to pull over a vehicle for suspicion of drinking and driving on Saturday, May 8. When the driver stopped, the police saw evidence of drugs in plain view. They instructed the driver to get out of the car while they proceeded to search the vehicle for other contraband or evidence of DUI. The driver was subsequently arrested on drug charges in Rome.

The stop took place on the 2400 block of Garden Lakes Boulevard in Rome, Georgia. The driver is a local woman, 36-year-old Tina Marie Wigley. The police located a cigarette box that was filled with hydrocodone, otherwise known as “Vicodin.” They also found a pill bottle that was full of oxycodone. Both drugs are dangerous opioids. 

The police indicated that the pill bottle with the pain pills in it was not a legal prescription. They didn’t confirm if the bottle had her name on it or not. They simply stated that the bottle did not house a legal, prescription medication. The officers were able to identify these substances at the scene.

The suspect, who has a history of criminal arrests, was arrested on the spot for DUI. She was taken directly to the Floyd County Jail. Once there, she was charged with felony possession of Schedule II controlled substances. She was also charged with a misdemeanor DUI. The report did not indicate if Wigley was under the influence of just drugs or drugs and alcohol. More information may be pending.

For Tina Marie Wigley, what started out as a simple traffic stop turned into both an arrest for DUI and felony drug charges. 

If you’re arrested on drug charges in Rome or elsewhere in the state, you should call a Georgia DUI attorney right away. These charges carry significant penalties, and you don’t want to handle this sort of thing by yourself.

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