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Veterinarians, just like other professional license holders, are expected to maintain certain qualifications and to perform their duties with utmost ethical and moral considerations. When professional veterinarians become the subject of consumer complaints in Athens, GA, the state veterinary board has the mandate to direct disciplinary action, as needed.  Any veterinarian whose qualifications or conduct are being challenged by the state board can rely on the help of a reliable veterinarian license defense lawyer. Not all board complaints will automatically translate to a license suspension or restriction. Only the gravest violations, moreover, usually merit an action that involves license revocation. One of these includes getting a DUI in Athens, GAIf you received a DUI, your veterinarian license could be in jeopardy. A veterinarian license defense attorney can help you in dealing with the state disciplinary board so you can protect your license in the most effective way possible.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for a Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

Professional veterinarians in Georgia have to abide by the provisions in the Georgia Veterinary Practice Act.

The Georgia Veterinary Practice Act prohibits anyone without a license to practice as a veterinarian in the state. It is a violation for any individual to present his/her veterinary services to the public without a proper license. The willful neglect in the renewal of a license is also a violation of the responsibilities expected of a veterinarian.

Under the Act, the state veterinary board members are responsible for ensuring qualifications of those who are seeking for licenses. When deemed necessary, the board has the option to suspend/revoke a license under certain circumstances.

The board also has the mandate to conduct investigations to determine whether a veterinarian has committed violations. In relation to this, the board may also hold hearings, as well as receive evidence pertaining to the investigation.

If you have received notification of a complaint, your full cooperation with the board may lead you to advantageous outcomes.

To make sure that you have the necessary support, you can seek the counsel of a veterinarian license defense lawyer.

From a Veterinarian License Defense Attorney: Reasons for the Revocation of a Veterinarian License

The Georgia Veterinary Practice Act enumerates all the possible reasons why the state veterinary board may refuse to grant, renew, or retain the license of professional veterinarians.

In addition to these actions, the board may also impose disciplinary actions on professionals whose violations do not necessarily necessitate license suspension or revocation.

The counsel of a defense lawyer becomes helpful even from the start of the investigation. As early as the time that the board notifies you of the complaint, you can start seeking the help of a veterinarian license defense attorney.

Some of the reasons for which the board may enact a license suspension or revocation are the following:

    • Failure of the license applicant to demonstrate necessary qualifications
    • Making deceptive or untrue representations in the profession
    • Engaging in immoral or unethical conduct
    • Helping or encouraging another unlicensed veterinarian in his fraudulent act
    • Being convicted of a felony charge
    • Mental incompetence
  • Physical impairment leading to work-related impediments

Your license may also be at risk if you commit state law violations, such as driving under the influence.

There are also certain licenses which may face suspension if the professional has defaulted in their child support payments.

Given the possible complexity of a license suspension case, the help of a veterinarian license defense lawyer becomes important.

Do You Really Need to Hire a Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA?

After the board notifies you of a complaint, you may have to submit a response.

There is no strict requirement from the board that you have representation by a veterinarian license defense attorney. However, the advantages of getting the help of a veterinarian license defense lawyer are myriad. Some of the most important are:

    • Helping you write a response letter to the board
    • Updating you on recent changes to the board rules and regulations
    • Representing you during investigative interviews and hearings
    • Procuring evidence helpful in your case
  • Providing you with an objective perspective at an emotional time

If you have a profession to uphold or a business to run while the state board is still conducting their investigations, your veterinarian license defense attorney can take care of the legal hurdles for you.

In this way, you don’t need to abandon your valuable veterinary work pending the verification of the complaint’s basis or truthfulness.

Qualities to Look for in a Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

Not all of those who claim to be a veterinarian license defense lawyer will stand true to their words, however.

As someone who needs to defend or reinstate a veterinary license, you need to work with someone you can trust with your entire career or your means of living.

When looking for a veterinarian license defense lawyer, the following qualities can help you make a good choice:

  • Updated knowledge of state board rules and Georgia state laws

When faced with a complaint, you will benefit from working with a lawyer who understands how the state board behaves. A veterinarian license defense lawyer should be knowledgeable of federal laws, state rules, and crucial state board regulations.

  • Ample legal resources

When handling too many cases, a veterinarian license defense lawyer may be unable to provide your case with attention. If a lawyer must take on cases, s/he must have the operating and manual resources required for the firm.

  • A sincere desire to help

A trustworthy veterinarian license defense lawyer understands the importance of your license in the performance of your duties and the future of your livelihood. Your lawyer must have motivation to help you retain your license or recover the license.

Get Reliable Veterinarian License Defense from DUI Athens Law Firm

A consumer complaint or a board investigation doesn’t have to result in your irreversible license loss. The right veterinarian license defense attorney can help you respond to the board so you can continue to workHere at DUI Athens, you get access to reliable legal counsel and services from a dedicated veterinarian license defense lawyer. From helping you draft a response to a board complaint and assisting you in license reinstatement to defending you after a DWI in Athens, GA; our legal counsels are ready for you. Get in touch with us at DUI Athens Law Firm today.

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