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Not all licensed and practicing dentists are immune to the occasional mistake, transgression, or baseless accusation. Just like professionals in various other fields and industries, a dentist can be implicated in a malpractice suit, convicted of an Athens DWI or accused of something that is totally unrelated to his or her profession. The unfortunate thing is that these complaints and accusations can easily cost any dentist his or her license in Athens, GA. To help dentists secure their license — and means of livelihood — in these crucial times, they will need the counsel and services of a dedicated dental license defense lawyer. Depending on the facts of the complaint, a dental license defense attorney can help a dentist seek probation, work out a settlement, or fight back against a wrongful accusation.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for a Dental License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

Certain laws, rules, and regulations govern the practice of dental health professionals in the state of Georgia, including those in Athens, GA.

Dentists should abide by these rules and required to carry out certain responsibilities expected of them. A licensed dentist found to have committed a violation of these expected responsibilities may face disciplinary action by the board.

Dentists who have been notified of their violations by the board may be required to submit their response within a stipulated period of time. Afterward, the board will conduct an inquiry or investigation to ascertain the weight of the accusations or complaints.

The Georgia Board of Dentistry has the right to enact the following, should a dentist be found unqualified for a license or become subjected to a disciplinary act:

    • Refuse the granting of an initial license or the renewal of a license
    • Send out a private or open reprimand to the dentist concerned
    • Suspend the license for a period of time
    • Enact license restrictions as means to protect the public
  • Revoke the license completely

If you have been the subject of a disciplinary action by the Georgia Board of Dentistry, you may seek the helpful counsel of a dental license defense attorney in Athens, GA.

The Board provides an avenue for people to submit a complaint regarding a dentist who is remiss in their responsibilities.

Not all dentists with disciplinary actions end up losing their license, however.

This means that you can still work on defending your license as a dental health professional.

To help you through this challenging time, you can enlist the help of a dental license defense lawyer.

Possible Reasons for Losing a Professional Dental License

As a dentist in Georgia, there are several ways for you to risk losing your dental license. A dental license defense lawyer has experience in dealing with suspended or revoked licenses due to the following violations:

    • Failure to demonstrate sufficient qualifications expected of the profession
    • Intentional participation in fraud or deceit
    • Unprofessional conduct
    • Over-prescription of drugs to a patient
    • Identity theft
  • and many others

From Your Dental License Defense Lawyer: Responsibilities of a License Holder

As a license holder in the state of Georgia, you are to follow certain rules and observe certain practices.

First among these responsibilities is the renewal of your license prior to the date of its expiration. The board expects for you to keep track of the expiration date.

Failing to renew your license may result in the need for you to hire a dental license defense lawyer.

You are also required to inform the board of any change or update in your name, physical address, and e-mail address. As a professional, you are also expected to keep abreast of any updates in Georgia state laws and board rulings.

Qualities to Look for in a Dental License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

Working on your license defense without any legal help can hurt your chances at redeeming yourself.

When you work with a dental license defense attorney, you are showing your right to have a license.

After all, the board understands that you cannot have your license taken away without due process. This means that a fair investigation happened and sufficient evidence obtained as a result.

It will be helpful for your dental license defense lawyer to possess the following qualities:

    • Sufficient experience in license defense. Navigating the intimidating terrain of disciplinary board procedures and requirements can be tricky. It will be helpful for you to work with a dental license defense attorney who understands how state licensing.
    • Knowledge of Georgia board rules and state laws. Some state board rules and regulations can differ from those in other state jurisdictions. If your complaint is being served by the Board, work with a dental license defense attorney.
    • Availability and commitment. Your dental license defense lawyer should be available for consultation, and s/he should accompany you in hearings and interviews. You need someone who can commit to your case, especially if other violations are also involved.
  • Negotiation skills. When you face the risk of losing your license, you will have to cooperate with the board. Failing to do so can seriously cost you your license and your livelihood. Your dental license defense lawyer, therefore, should possess exceptional negotiation skills. In this way, you can work towards probation or a settlement with the board.

Protect your Dental License Today — Work with DUI Athens Law Firm

If notified by the Georgia Board of Dentistry of a complaint, a dental license suspension or revocation is a possibilityWith the help of a dental license defense attorney, however, you stand a strong chance at taking your license back.

We have the dedicated dental license defense lawyer who stands ready to examine the facts of your board complaint/notification, or Athens, GA DUI charges. This paves the way for a thorough evaluation of the best possible courses of action for your defense. After having worked hard at getting your license, it’s also reasonable for you to work hard at keeping it. To speak to a committed dental license defense lawyer in Athens, GA, contact us today.

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