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To have your medical license threatened by an imminent suspension, restriction, or revocation in Athens, GA is no simple matter. Whether you are undergoing a medical board investigation or are in the middle of an on-going disciplinary action, you will be needing the representation of a reliable medical license defense lawyer. The consequences of a restricted or suspended license can negatively impact a physician’s career, livelihood, and professional/personal life. The possibility of a license refusal or non-renewal can affect not only new physicians but also those who have already established themselves in their respective medical careers. And although physicians may be found guilty of violations of the Medical Practice Act, or convicted of a DWI in Athens, GA, others may simply be implicated in a baseless complaint. There are also others who have simply committed inadvertent and unintentional mistakes in Athens, GA. If you have been informed of the Georgia Composite Medical Board of a complaint, you can still do something. To improve your chances at probation or settlement, work with a medical license defense lawyer today.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for a Medical License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

The Georgia Medical Board is in-charge with supervising the acts and practices of medical health professionals, including physicians. The board frequently evaluates the conduct and the ability of health practitioners to continue working in their respective medical professions in the state.

In order to stay updated on the practice and conduct of physicians, the board coordinates with and verifies reports from hospitals, healthcare employers, consumers/patients, and even government agencies.

Once the board receives a complaint against a medical health professional under their jurisdiction, they may begin with an investigation. This investigative procedure is done to obtain sufficient evidence against the erring physician or health provider. If the board fails to obtain enough evidence, it will end the investigation and close the case.

As a license holder in the state of Georgia, physicians are also required to commit to certain responsibilities. One of the most primary responsibilities of physicians is for them to update their licenses prior to the expiration date. In the event that they become convicted of a crime or felony, they are also duty-bound to inform the board of their conviction at the earliest time possible.

Although physicians can be guilty of violations or misconduct, many others can experience legal persecution without basis.

If you fear that a consumer complaint can cost you your license in Georgia, you need to entrust your case to a medical license defense attorney as early as today.

From a Medical License Defense Attorney: How Do Physicians Lose their License to Practice?

According to the Georgia Composite Medical Board, the most common complaints from consumers, hospitals, and state agencies against erring medical practitioners are the following:

    1. Lack of professional conduct
    1. Unethical prescription or administration of medication
  1. Mental or physical impairment

Physicians have the duty to provide and prescribe the best possible care to patients. Any instance of unprofessional conduct serves as sufficient grounds for the suspension or revocation of a medical license.

However, the board cannot suspend or revoke a license based simply and solely on hearsay or a written complaint. Any physician facing disciplinary board action can defend their license through the help of a medical license defense lawyer.

A medical license defense attorney can help you as you deal with the requirements of the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

The Dire Consequences of a Board Disciplinary Action in Athens, GA

A consumer complaint to the Georgia Medical Board can prompt an immediate investigation into the matter. Depending on the circumstances of the complaint and the severity of the violation, the board may enact the following actions:

    • Fine payments
    • Probation
    • License suspension
  • License revocation

There is still a chance to close your case or for you to pay only an amount as disciplinary fine.

Without the help of a medical license defense lawyer, you can become intimidated by the board’s procedures and notification.

To improve your chances at probation, you can enlist the help of a reputable medical license defense attorney.

The Many Ways that a Medical License Defense Lawyer Can Help

There are many advantages in getting the services of a medical license defense attorney in Georgia.

The benefits of having a medical license defense attorney by your side are significant and numerous.

Some of the most important ways by which a medical license defense attorney can help you are:

  • Provide valuable, prudent legal advice.

It’s not every day that you receive a complaint from the board. If you have recently received notification from the board, it is most likely your first time to receive a complaint. This can be intimidating and stressful. When you work with a medical license defense lawyer, you will have access to valuable legal advice.

  • Offer an objective approach to the complaint.

A medical license defense attorney can remind you an investigation doesn’t have to signal the end of your career. In fact, it can present an opportunity for you to defend your practice and your conduct in front of the board authorities. If found guilty of an innocent mistake, your medical license defense lawyer can work towards an appeal for probation.

  • Provide legal representation during investigations and hearings.

An on-going investigation by the board means that the authorities are careful in taking appropriate, evidence-backed action. This means that there is still a possibility for the investigation to cease. This also means that you can continue working as a physician pending investigation results.

When you have a medical license defense lawyer representing you, you will have someone to work on your board complaint.

This way, you won’t have to compromise on your duties even as the investigation is on-going. Your medical license defense lawyer can handle the legal matters for you.

For Committed Medical License Defense, Choose to Work with DUI Athens Law Firm

To be the subject of a consumer complaint requires significant effort on your part to defend your medical license. If you have been charged with a DUI in Athens, GA, you will also need proper representation. A medical license defense lawyer can help you negotiate with the board or clear your name from a groundless allegation. Contact us today to get the dedicated medical license defense you deserve in Athens, GA.

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