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If you are currently involved in a pharmacy board complaint in Georgia, you will most likely be subjected to an investigation. Unfavorable investigation results can either restrict your pharmacy license or permanently revoke your ability to continue working as a pharmacist in the state. Before these disparaging outcomes can happen to you, you will need to work with a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Athens, GA. Pharmacists in Georgia typically face immense pressure when it comes to dealing with drug regulations and the proper dispensation of medications. However, a board complaint or DUI in Athens, GA doesn’t have to compromise a pharmacist’s entire career. Consult with a pharmacist license defense attorney today to see how you can better protect your license from the dire consequences of a board violation or even just one unintentional mistake.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for a Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

In the state of Georgia, licensed pharmacists and their practices are overseen by three primary agencies; namely, the Georgia Board of Pharmacy, Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency, and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Georgia Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the approval of licenses for initial applications, as well as for license renewal applications. In order for a pharmacist to be granted a professional license, s/he must meet the qualifications or standards prescribed by the board.

Pharmacists may also apply for license renewal at the board if they have been inactive for several years in the profession, or if their licenses have been temporarily suspended due to disciplinary reasons.

As a license holder, a pharmacist is required to renew his or her license prior to its expiration date. A non-renewal may subject a pharmacist to administrative sanction, the payment of renewal fees, or working for several hours under an intern-like setup.

Any pharmacist who becomes the subject of a board complaint may go to an investigative interview. If found to have violated the guidelines of the board and the rules for license holders, s/he may face license suspension or revocation.

However, the lack of sufficient evidence can result in the closure of the case. Anyone who faces a board complaint still has the chance to defend his or her license in Georgia.

If you are subject to a pharmacy board investigation, speak to a pharmacist license defense attorney.

From Your Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer: Risk Factors in a License Suspension or Revocation

There are many ways for which a pharmacist’s license may face suspension in Georgia.

Anyone who has received a summons to attend an investigative interview will do best to consult with a pharmacist license defense lawyer straight away.

According to the Georgia Code on the Discipline of Pharmacists and Pharmacies, the following can serve as grounds for the refusal, suspension, or revocation of pharmacist licenses in the state.

    • Unprofessional conduct and unethical practices
    • Mental and physical incapacity that impedes with work duties
    • Felony or criminal charges
    • Misrepresentation of license information
    • Aiding in the practice of an unlicensed pharmacist
    • Violating the Georgia Pharmacy Practice Act
    • Violating the regulations of the Drug Enforcement Agency
  • others

As a license holder, a pharmacist may also be subject to licensing sanctions if they are guilty of other offenses.

Depending on investigation findings, the board may impose fine payments or a probationary period for the pharmacist. Two of the more serious actions are the suspension of a license, which may reinstate after some time; and the revocation of a license, which may disallow a pharmacist from working anywhere in Georgia.

Although there is no law stating that you need to obtain legal representation when dealing with a board complaint in Athens, GA, the support of a pharmacist license defense lawyer can make a huge difference in your ability to deal with such a hurdle in your professional career.

Why You Need the Help of a Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

Being subject to the regulation of three agencies at once can be daunting for any pharmacist. Two other agencies also regulate the practices — the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

For a pharmacist to receive an investigation invitation, which typically arises from a complaint, is even more daunting.

With the help of a pharmacist license defense lawyer, anyone can stand a better chance at getting favorable investigative results.

If you are unsure about whether a legal counsel can be of help, listed below are the valuable advantages:

  • Inform you of the latest in board/drug enforcement regulations.

In the same way that state laws can change, board regulations can also update from time to time. A reliable pharmacist license defense lawyer will have access to the latest and most important laws applicable to your case. In this way, you can craft a solid and convincing defense during investigative board interviews and hearings.

  • Dispense valuable and objective legal advice.

Most pharmacists who receive a notice from the board for the first time will have no idea how to behave. In fact, pharmacists can become implicated in issues for which they have had no malicious intent or active participation in. When these happen, you would want to have a reliable pharmacist license defense lawyer with you.

A pharmacist license defense attorney can dispense valuable advice such as reminding you to cooperate with the board. Your counsel can also take care of legal matters as investigations are continuing. This will leave you with the time and focus to continue working on your career.

  • Provide criminal defense services.

Not all license revocation cases stem from pharmacy-related offenses, however. If convicted of a DUI, you may also face criminal charges in addition to a pharmacist license suspension or revocation. A pharmacist license defense lawyer with experience in criminal defense can help you with your complicated legal troubles.

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Losing your license will most likely have an adverse effect on your practice, your business, and future job prospects. However, an on-going pharmacy board investigation in Georgia will not always and necessarily lead to your license suspension or revocation. Many pharmacists are able to keep their licenses, especially after having a committed pharmacist license defense attorney or DWI Lawyer in Athens, GA by their sideWhen faced with a board complaint, you deserve to have a reliable pharmacist license defense lawyer by your side. Work with DUI Athens for your dedicated license defense in Georgia. Message us to speak with a pharmacist license defense lawyer today.

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