Woman Arrested for DUI in Roswell After Driving into Pond

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It’s bad enough to be pulled over for drunk driving. But very rarely does a person call 911 on themselves. That’s exactly what happened earlier this month when a woman was arrested for DUI in Roswell, Georgia. 

Apparently, the police got a call at about 1 am on Friday morning, April 9th, 2021. A woman had called the station and said that she had driven into the Chattahoochee River and needed help.

The police responded to the woman’s location. They quickly realized that she had not driven into a river at all. She had driven into the pond at the local water treatment plant. When her car started to sink, she panicked and called the police. The police reported that, when they arrived, she was wandering around and was clearly highly intoxicated.

The Roswell Sheriff’s office indicated that the woman mistakenly thought she had driven into the river. She didn’t realize that she was at the Johns Creek Water Treatment facility. 

The cops remarked that it had been such a slow day they had decided to air a virtual ride-along on social media. They had been going at it for about 12 hours when they got the woman’s call. They said the only thing of note that happened all day was they had encountered a panhandler asking for money near the highway exit ramps. The officers felt so bad for her they bought her some food and had her go on her way. So, when they got the from the woman in the lake, it was almost a welcome distraction.

The unidentified woman was promptly arrested and charged with DUI. There was no indication that she was injured. Her name has not yet been released.

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Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/woman-calls-roswell-police-after-crashing-into-water-charged-with-dui/6HI5I6YZCFFORHXCVSZ7LEYBPI/

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