Savannah DUI Car Crash: Mother Indicted for Son’s Death Has a History of Alcohol Use

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In a heartbreaking incident, the mother indicted over a Savannah DUI car crash that resulted in the death of her son reportedly has a history of substance use, according to the court and police records. The woman is facing charges of first-degree vehicular homicide and driving under influence 

Madrina McCay, aged 41, was involved in several family disputes over the years, with the police being called to intervene multiple times. In some of the cases, the family stated that she was under influence or the police detected alcohol presence.

At the site of the accident along Johnny Mercer Boulevard, a simple memorial has been placed for the killing of Coastal Middle School student Logan McCay. The tragic Savannah DUI car crash occurred on the morning of August 23rd. Madrina McCay is accused of being under influence at the time of the accident. She crashed the car into a tree which resulted in the death of her son, Logan, aged 12, who was sitting on the passenger side.

A trooper detected a strong odor of alcohol from Madrina McCay at the scene.

Madrina McCay was taking her son to school when the accident happened. Logan McCay was a 7th grader in Coastal Middle School. Madrina got a divorce from her husband Clay McCay in 2020. The boy was with his mother on the weekend as a part of the custody agreement. The primary custody of Logan McCay and another child was awarded to Clay McCay.

It has been testified by Clay McCay during divorce proceedings that Madrina had a history of drinking while using prescription medication. The police records are from 2011. CCPD was called to resolve a domestic dispute in December 2019. The officer who responded reported that he smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from Madrina. In 2011, an SPD report when Madrina McCay was charged with battery mentioned that she appeared intoxicated.

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