Rome Man Arrested for Drug Possession and DUI in Traffic Stop

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When the police pull someone over for a routine traffic stop, they’re always going to keep their eyes open. If they think the driver has been drinking or using any illegal substances, they’re going to look for evidence. Or, if they see the passenger in a car with something that seems suspicious, they can ask to search the vehicle.

For a man in Rome, Georgia, a routine traffic stop this weekend resulted in a costly arrest. The man had been pulled over Saturday night for what he thought was a routine traffic stop. When the officers commenced with their stop, they noticed that he was under the influence. After what we imagine was a routine field sobriety test and possible breathalyzer, the man was indeed arrested. The details of his blood alcohol concentration were not released. However, the report did confirm he was only charged with a misdemeanor.

35-year old Andrew Dwayne Evans from Rome, Georgia was arrested and charged with two crimes. He was charged with a misdemeanor for driving while under the influence. However, he was also arrested for felony possession of a schedule I narcotic. The police did not release the exact drug that Evans had on him. However, he was arrested and held on $3,500 bond as of this morning.

People don’t realize that a routine traffic stop can end up resulting in life-changing charges. The report did not state exactly how much time Evans may be facing, but if this isn’t his first offense, he could be facing a significant amount of jail time. He’ll also have to pay fines and suffer the penalties of his DUI.

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