New Senate Bill in Georgia Allows for Expungement of All but DUI Charges

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One of the reasons a DUI conviction is such a big deal is that it stay on your record for the rest of your life. In most states, no matter how good your record is, you can’t get an DUI expunged. This was always the case in Georgia as well. In 2013, there was a law passed in Georgia that allowed certain people to get charges removed from their record, as long as they had not been convicted. For people fighting to get give convicted criminals a second chance, however, this wasn’t enough.

This week, the Governor of Georgia passed SB 288. This is a law that gives people a second chance when it comes to getting criminal records expunged. Basically, it allows non-violent offenders to get misdemeanors expunged from their record after four years. As long as they didn’t have any convictions or charges during this time, they could petition the state to have their records sealed and restricted.

For some reason, the Governor has not included certain crimes in this new law. For example, people who have been convicted of domestic violence, sex crimes or crimes against children cannot ask for an expungement. The problem is that the legislature has lumped DUI in as well. They will not allow for the expungement of a DUI, even if it is a misdemeanor.

The Governor seems to think that a DUI is more serious than some of the other violent crimes that will be eligible for expungement under this new bill. If you are looking to get your record expunged of a DUI, or are facing charges for DUI now, call our office. You really should talk to an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Georgia right away.


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