Fayetteville Man Arrested for DUI After Fighting Police and Skipping on the Tab

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If you’re going to be pulled over for suspicion of DUI, it’s going to ruin your night. In fact, give the seriousness of DUI charges in Georgia, it could possibly ruin your life. If convicted of DUI, you could lose your professional license. You could even be facing jail time. So, why complicate matters further by not cooperating with the police? Well, 29-year old Brandon Ferguson of Fayetteville knows what can happen if you do this.

Earlier this week, Ferguson was at a bar in Fayetteville on Georgia-54 when he was accused of punching another patron in the face. He took off before the cops could catch him. However, they saw his pickup truck parked in the lot of a nearby restaurant. He was in his car at the time. The managers of the restaurant had reported Ferguson for eating and skipping on the tab. When the cops arrived at the scene they found the suspect in his truck, ready to take off.

The Peachtree City police asked Ferguson to get out of his truck. He refused to do so and told the cops they’d have to fight him if they wanted to get him out. He proceeded to assault the police officers. He was arrested minutes later on a slew of charges, including DUI. Thankfully, he wasn’t able to take off and hurt anyone.

Instead of being charged with just DUI, Ferguson has been charged with a variety of serious charges, including: battery on a police officer, battery, theft of services, driving while suspended, DUI, and terroristic threats.

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