Is Your License Suspended Immediately After a DUI?

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A DUI is no small matter, and it comes with serious consequences. The biggest issue for most people is that they have their license suspended. But, a DUI lawyer in Athens, GA can help you work to get your license back.

A license suspension depends on the facts of your case. The arresting cop must file the suspension form. But, all first time DUI offenders will have their license suspended immediately.

Get a DUI Lawyer

In GA a cop can push for the Department of Driver Services to have your license suspended right away. When a cop arrests you for a DUI, you can take a test to show your blood alcohol content.

The BAC is what cops use to know if you are under or over the legal driving limit. However, these tests are not always reliable. Cops will often not follow procedure or conduct the test wrong. In the state of Georgia, every driver gives “implied consent” when they start their vehicle.

Having a driver’s license in Athens, GA is not a right. When you drive in GA, you are implying consent to a BAC test if a cop pulls you over. If a cop suspects you are driving while drunk, they may offer you a breath or blood test.

If you refuse this test, the cop will request to have your license suspended for at least a year. You can work with a DUI lawyer in Athens, GA to attempt to reverse this process. Not everyone who refuses the test in GA was drinking. If you know you were not drinking and refused a test, you need legal help.

Implied consent is a big part of GA state law. You will have a hard time fighting this battle on your own. When you employ a DUI lawyer, you can have help from someone who knows DUI law.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help You in Athens GA

In GA a DUI attorney can help you reinstate your license after a suspension. If you got your license suspended because of a DUI charge, you have options. A DUI lawyer can help you get your life back together while you fight the charge.

Many DUI attorneys will be able to walk you through the process of dealing with a suspended license. A charge or allegation of driving under the influence can affect your job and financial status. For students, having a license suspended may mean being unable to attend school.

The state of Georgia does not want to create the image that students should fail because of a mistake. All is not lost if you are facing a first-time offense or repeat charge for a DUI. You can work with a lawyer to keep your life on track. Going through the legal process is hard but when you get help the case may move faster.

If the cop did not follow correct procedures when administering the BAC test, a DUI lawyer can help you. The cop must go through a lot of steps to have your license suspended in Athens, GA.

They must submit a DS-1205 which does 3 things:

  • Acts as a notice of suspension
  • Tells you your rights to appeal the suspension
  • Acts as a temporary driving permit

If you did not get this form, then it is vital that you contact a DUI lawyer right now.

Do I Have Options If My License is Suspended?

Yes, you have options. You can:

  • Request a hearing
  • Apply for an ignition interlock device
  • Request a limited permit through the DDS.

Requesting a hearing is a long process that you should start right away. You must send in a written statement, a money order for the fee, and attend the court date. A DUI lawyer can help you through this process. You only have 30 days from the time of the arrest to file this request.

You can also request a limited permit to appear at work, school, or court dates. You must apply for this permit through the DDS after you pay any fees. You must also enroll in a DUI program first.

License Suspended? Get Help Now

If you had your license suspended, the best move is to contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. When you contact the Athens DUI Lawyers by phone or online they can review your case. They can help you know what a suspended license means for you.

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