What are Penalties and Fines for Drunk Driving in Georgia?

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Drunk driving can lead to severe consequences. DUI lawyers in Athens, GA can help you understand how these fines and penalties apply to you.  A fine or even time in jail can help you learn why it is best to avoid drunk driving. However, a drunk driving defense lawyer can help your case if you are wrongly facing these charges.

A Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Can Help You

In Athens, GA you can see fines of $300 or more. Some fines can go up to nearly $1,000. Since GA is very strict on drunk driving, you can have your license suspended for a year. You may also need to complete volunteer work as a penalty.

Part of a first charge fine is a $210 fee to get your license working again. But, after all the fines and fees you can still face up to a year in jail. Jail time is what stops many people from taking on a drunk driving charge on their own. If you think you are facing jail time, call a lawyer.

Getting legal help for your first charge in Athens, GA can help show your side of the case. A lawyer can also help you learn which fines or penalties apply to you and your charges.

DUI Lawyers in Athens, GA

Through the state of Georgia, a DUI can have a big impact on your life. DUI lawyers may claim that they can help you, but you should always speak with a person first. Talk to someone at a law office; you can see if they are there to help you, or not.

Trust your instincts. Ask questions that will help you see whether this office has your best interest in mind. If you are dealing with a 2nd or 3rd drunk driving charge you need to hire DUI lawyers.

A DUI lawyer can help you see if rehab options are available to you. You may be able to present a pattern that shows you need help more than fines. Most DUI lawyers will opt for a treatment program of some kind. This choice will help to show the court that you want to prevent any future behavior.

A DUI lawyer could also work to show that the charges are inaccurate in your situation. If a cop waited to take a blood test for BAC a DUI lawyer can find this info. If the cop who took you in did not follow procedure, you need a DUI lawyer.

Many people feel as if they do not have options after getting a DUI. However, there are some instances where you were not in the wrong. A DUI lawyer can be there to help you.

Why Did I Get a DUI?

There are cases where the person who was driving was not drinking. But, GA has other laws which apply towards DUI charges.

The open container law says it is illegal to have alcohol open in the passenger area of a car. If you have an open can or bottle, a cop will assume that you are drinking.

Other laws that affect DUI charges include the aggressive driving law. If you were pulled over for aggressive driving, you might be able to show that you were not drinking. These charges are hard for cops to prove because it is your word against theirs. People who drive with the intent to harass, injure, or annoy other drivers often face DUI charges.

A DUI lawyer in Athens, GA can help you show that your case does not deserve a DUI charge. Work with a lawyer to show the actions leading to your charge were not because of alcohol or drugs. Drunk driving is a serious issue. But, these other laws are not the same as drunk driving. A cop must take care to write the ticket or report right.

Call A Lawyer Today

When you get a DUI charge, you need to seek legal help. A fine is one thing. But, if you could face a year or more in jail, you must have legal guidance. DUI lawyers can help with drunk driving charges. If you do not understand the charges against you or need help fixing this matter call an attorney.

Athens DUI lawyers can help you know what your options are and guide you through the legal process. Contact their offices online, or call now.

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