One-Year-Old Killed in Coweta County DUI Crash

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A toddler was killed in a Coweta County DUI crash on Saturday, December 11. The toddler, identified as Samia Willaims, aged one, was riding with her mother south of Moreland on State Road 41, in Coweta County when the crash occurred.

Jada Jackson, Samia’s mother, is fighting for her life with severe injuries. She is in Atlanta Medical Center and currently, the family has withheld the news of the toddler’s death from her mother. The Coweta County family is grieving the loss. Jackson’s aunt, Wendy Keith said they need prayers so that she keeps fighting.

According to the State Troopers, the man detained for the crash, Jose David Diaz, crossed the center lane when he was traveling north. He sideswiped one vehicle and hit right into Jackson’s car, killing Samia. The oldest daughter of Jackson, Kaeley, aged 6, was not in the car.

Jose Diaz, aged 30, has been charged with DUI, vehicular homicide, having an open container of alcohol, failure to maintain lanes, and serious injury by motor vehicle.

Keith said that their hearts are filled with hatred right now, even though they have been a family of faith, they are struggling to find kindness. Forgiving is very difficult because under no circumstances you can get in the car and drive when you are intoxicated. Keith further added that in such a state, call a friend, or call Uber; call somebody in a drunken state but don’t drive, and don’t put anyone in so much pain.

To help the family in this hour of need, a GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for Samia’s funeral and to assist in Jackson’s treatment. She suffered serious injuries and her left arm was nearly severed in the Coweta County DUI crash. A memorial lantern, prayer service, and candlelight vigil are planned at Saint Smyrna Baptist Church located at 68 Heery Road in Newnan on Dec.11, 4:30 p.m.

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