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DUI arrests can come with some serious consequences in Athens, GA. You may not know what your legal rights are or what the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are. It is illegal to drive when under the influence of alcohol. However, there are limits for your BAC that can help you avoid an arrest.

These BAC levels can determine if you face DUI charges. However, it can be difficult to know if you have reached these limits or not. Everyone has different tolerances when it comes to alcohol. One or two drinks may put you over the legal BAC limit. Another person may be able to have three or four drinks.

It is best to never get behind the wheel when you have consumed any amount of alcohol. If you do get arrested for a DUI, be sure to speak with an Athens DUI attorney for help.

What is the Legal BAC Limit in Athens, GA?

The legal BAC limit in Athens, GA, is 0.08 percent. This means that if your BAC reads 0.08 percent or higher, an arrested for a DUI charge will happen. BACs in Athens, GA, are determined by either a breath, blood or urine test. These tests provide evidence that you have consumed more alcohol than is allowable when driving.

You will face harsh penalties if arrested with a DUI with a BAC over the legal limit in Athens, GA. You will lose your license for up to one year on your first offense and will also be required to have an alcohol assessment and attend alcohol treatment at your own expense. Your vehicle will be confiscated, and you could face jail time.

On a second offense DUI, you will be required to install an interlock device in your vehicle. This is costly and requires continuous monitoring. Other possibilities are losing your license for up to three years and possible jail time.

Do I Need an Athens DUI Lawyer for a DUI Arrest?

Hiring an Athens DUI attorney can help you with your case. Your Athens DUI lawyer can assist you in understanding what your legal rights are after a DUI arrest. They will explain the complex legal process you will go through and what type of penalties you are facing.

With a BAC over the legal limit, you could receive maximum sentencing. This is especially if your BAC is significantly over 0.08 percent. Your Athens DUI attorney will fight for minimum sentencing in your DUI case. They will represent you in court and will provide you the legal counsel you need with your DUI case.

Fighting a DUI in court on your own is a losing battle. Your Athens DUI lawyer knows the laws for DUIs and can help you receive reduced sentencing. It is beneficial to have an Athens DUI attorney on your side when facing a DUI charge. These charges come with hefty penalties that can impact your life significantly.

When you have an Athens DUI lawyer, they can provide you the support you are looking for in your case. It is a challenge to understand how the legal system works for DUI charges. Your Athens DUI attorney can help you understand this process. They can provide you the legal advice you need to fight these charges.

Let your Athens DUI attorney advise you on the best course of action to take against your DUI charges. They will work for you and fight your DUI arrest. You do not want to spend more time in jail that you have to after a DUI charge. An Athens DUI lawyer can help.

Speak to your Athens DUI attorney immediately after a DUI arrest. They will provide you with the legal assistance you need. DUIs are stressful because of the unknown penalties you are facing in your case. Your Athens DUI lawyer can make the process as stress-free as possible. That way, you can get back to your life without interruption or jail time.

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