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DUI cases in Athens are very complex and you cannot just simply get all the answers and assistance that you need from Google or the advice of friends and family. There are a lot of complex legal proceedings and procedures in which you will need the assistance and knowledge of a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side. The next question is how do you go about finding a competent and experienced lawyer?

Coming from someone who understands how to tell whether one has a greater chance of being successful in your case, here are some pointers that will help you choose the best DUI defense lawyer in Athens. Our DUI defense lawyers have immense experience and have dealt with every nature of DUI cases and with every kind of DUI defense lawyer.

  • Avoid Hiring the First Lawyer You Get in Touch With for Your DUI Case in Athens:

Spending time in prison can be a terrible experience. One is emotionally, physically, and mentally drained and has no idea how to proceed further with things. In simpler words, a person who comes out of prison is very sensitive and vulnerable right after. They will accept and believe whatever they’re told without even taking a minute to think over it in most cases.

That is the time when an unqualified and unskilled lawyer might come in like a salesman and will make you believe that you have to hire a DUI lawyer right now or else you might run out of time to do so and suffer serious consequences by the end of it. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s not the case and that is not true at all. We do agree that there is a time limit but in most cases, you’ll have ample opportunity to ponder over alternatives and options you have at hand.

  • Check Out all Referrals:

Referrals play a very important role in hiring a DUI lawyer. Since one is very confused and disturbed after a DUI case, referrals make things relatively easy for a person. It might be quite beneficial to contact a DUI lawyer with some understanding of what to expect from him/her as it will ease the process of hiring for you.

But being referred to a lawyer by a friend or a family member does not necessarily mean that he/she is the perfect match for your case. When you get a referral from someone, go talk to them first. Get to know them well. Interview them to see if they are qualified, skilled, and experienced enough for your case or not. Try to know more about their knowledge and experience regarding DUI cases.

Try to find other people who have used their services before and know if they were satisfied or not. After you get all this information get to know about their fee structure and compare it with your budget. Still don’t make any hiring decision till you haven’t done more research for a lawyer for your DUI case in Athens.

  • Payment Method:

The payment methods that the lawyers offer are also a very important factor to look at while hiring an attorney. Most attorneys insist on receiving the entire fee in advance. Unless they were highly recommended to you or have a compelling justification for the demand, we would advise against it and tell you not to do so.

It is a common practice that lawyers receive the entire fee in advance and do very little in the case proceedings and give a very bad output in the end. So make sure that the lawyer or the law firm has multiple payment options depending upon the case and the court like we do at our law firm.

Our firm provides a variety of payment alternatives because we understand that each client has a different case and requires different payment options and that one method doesn’t fit all. We understand that the payment method should be such that suits both the firm and the client.

  • Contact Our Athens DUI Lawyers Today:

After you’ve done all the homework that we have mentioned above, now you are ready to make a final decision and hire a lawyer for your DUI case in Athens. You can go with your instincts based on the information you’ve gathered. We would suggest that you follow all the steps we told you to analyze and evaluate our firm as well. Our attorneys have vast experience in DUI cases. We are more than happy to provide you with all this information in our free-of-cost consultation offer.

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