Repeat DUI Offense in Athens: What Happens If You’re Booked Again?

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Conviction as a repeat offender of a DUI offense can result in harsh penalties and consequences such as obligatory prison time, alcohol or drug dependence diagnosis, treatment, and a lengthy suspension of your driver’s license. Contact a competent DUI defense attorney in Athens to understand how you might avoid these repercussions as a repeat offender.

A second DUI offense in Athens might have significant implications. It is vital to have a professional Athens DUI defense lawyer representative on your side from the start to assist you navigate these risky situations.

Let’s find out what to expect after you are booked for a repeat DUI offense in Athens.

What Happens After You Are Found Guilty For DUI Second Time?

It is still a minor charge if you are caught and found guilty of DUI a second time. The courts and prosecutors, however, will regard this new offense far worse than the first. Often, plea bargains are ridiculous, and the only option is to fight the accusations. A competent and skilled attorney will help.

General Penalties For DUI Offenses In Athens, Alabama

Alabama’s statutory structure handles 10-year increments for a penalty, therefore there are legal minimums if you plead guilty. The ten years are determined from the date of the first DUI arrest to the date of the second DUI arrest. A repeated DUI conviction in Alabama carries serious criminal repercussions.

There is a required minimum prison term of 10 days to one year. The 10-day minimum can sometimes be reduced to 72 hours. There are no scenarios in which you will not be obliged to spend a minimum of three days in prison until the case is reduced or resolved.

While avoiding the chance of a DUI arrest the most apparent approach is to avoid a repeat DUI conviction, the second-best option is to employ a defense lawyer who is experienced in winning DUI cases. Athens DUI defense lawyer understands how to prepare and present strong defenses in pretrial proceedings and at trial.

The essential methods for defending an accused repeat offender are similar to those for basic DUI defense, but the ramifications of a conviction are far more serious. A third DUI within five years can be prosecuted as a felony or a severe and aggravated misdemeanor; in either case, you’ll serve at least 104 days in jail on a 120-day obligatory minimum sentence.

The Penalties For A Second DUI Conviction

Even for a first offense, the repercussions of a DUI are always severe. However, the consequences for a second DUI are increased.

Second DUI penalties may include obligatory prison time in addition to fines, license suspension, and drug addiction education programs. You will frequently face mandatory minimum punishments that force you to be at least a few days in jail and suspend your license. You will almost certainly be forced to have an ignition interlock device placed on your car.

However, they will always be more severe than a first drunk driving sentence. The following are some of the potential consequences of a second offense:

  • Fines are higher than for a first offense.
  • A more severe prison term than for a first offense.
  • Your license will be suspended for a longer time.
  • Attendance in an alcohol treatment program is required.

Before the automobile may be started, you must engage in an ignition interlock program and have a device fitted on your vehicle that detects if you are inebriated.

Other DUI Consequences Include:

  • 240 community service hours (8 hours a day for 30 days).
  • A $25 punishment will be imposed if your photograph is published in the newspaper.
  • License plate Forfeiture on all of your vehicles.
  • Attendance in a DUI school is required.
  • Participating in a drug and alcohol evaluation.
  • 17 weeks of substance abuse counseling.
  • Your car has an ignition interlock device fitted.

License Suspension Time

If you are convicted of a second DUI during the next ten years, your license will be suspended for one year. You could be qualified for limited privileges.

If you are accused of a second DUI within five years, your license will be suspended for three years automatically. In rare cases, reinstatement after one year of suspension is feasible. There are no restricted permissions (work permits) available. Restricted permission may be given after 120 days of harsh suspension in rare exceptional cases.

Suspensions Administrative

These conviction-based suspensions are unique from administrative suspensions. In this case, we can assist you in requesting an administrative hearing, but you must do it within 10 days of your arrest. Saturday and Sunday (or recognized holidays) are not counted as part of the ten days. This prospective restriction might run anywhere from 30 days to a year, with restricted licenses accessible or none.

Suspensions are a difficult subject. The period of suspension varies depending on numerous variables, and driving licenses are occasionally granted.

Things To Do After Being Accused

If you can’t afford a guilty plea or an ineffective defense against a second DUI offense, contact a trial lawyer who is more concerned with winning your case than negotiating the best possible deal. You might be surprised at how effective your defense can be.

There are three types of legal defenses to driving under influence (“DUI”) charges. These are to argue:

  • That you were not inebriated.
  • That your driving was not impaired.
  • That the officer who arrested you for DUI did not follow the correct procedures.

A DUI arrest does not have to result in a DUI conviction, as an experienced DUI defense attorney in Athens, Alabama will tell you. By contesting DUI accusations with a good defense plan, you can avoid life-changing DUI penalties, such as large fines and a driver’s license suspension.

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