Is There Any Way to Prepare for a Field Sobriety Test in Georgia?

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There are some people who will go their entire lives without ever getting pulling over for suspicion of DUI. They’ll never know that anxious feeling that washes over you when the red and blue lights come up behind you. Even getting pulled over for running a stop sign can be scary. It’s a hundred times worse when you’ve been drinking and driving. Even if you’ve never been pulled over yourself, you’ve probably seen a field sobriety test done on television. Some people think they can prepare for a field sobriety test in Georgia. Or, they think there are certain ways to trick the officer into thinking they’re sober. Don’t make this mistake. If you are arrested for DUI, you need to contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Athens, Georgia.

Basically, a field sobriety test measures your coordination and mobility. If someone has been drinking or using drugs, they’re not going to perform well on a field sobriety test (FST). The test is specifically designed to measure when someone is high or drunk. It’s very difficult to pass this test if you’re under the influence.

What Exactly Does a Field Sobriety Test in Georgia Measure?

If you get pulled over a few drinks, you know you could be facing a field sobriety test. Subconsciously, you probably start to recite the alphabet backwards. You do what you think you can to prepare for the test. You think you know what the cops are looking for. But, do you really? Most people are unsure about what telltale signs the police look for when deciding if someone’s driving under the influence.

Some of the things the officers measure in the Field Sobriety Test include:

  • Your coordination – Can you walk back and forth in a straight line without staggering? You will have to walk, heel to toe, from one spot on the ground to the other. The officer will demonstrate this himself before they ask you to do it. They make it look easy. But when you’re nervous it can be very hard to perform.
  • Horizontal gaze – Can you follow a flashlight or pen back and forth? If you can’t do this without moving your head, you will fail the test. The same is true if the officer sees your eyes moving back and forth as you follow the object.
  • Motor Control – You’ll be asked to stand on one leg for a certain period of time. The police intentionally won’t let you know ahead of how time you’ll have to do this. They want to see if you’re able to hold this position. Based on your performance, it could be 10 seconds or 30 seconds.

Police officers are trained to look for the signs that someone is drunk or high. Just because there isn’t a breathalyzer to prove that you’re high doesn’t mean the cops can’t prove it. The way you perform on the field sobriety test will determine whether you’re arrested for DUI or not. Your Athens DUI attorney can fight the results of the FST. However, keep in mind – they are videotaped. If you performed poorly, there may not be much your attorney can do.

Can You Prepare for a Field Sobriety Test in Georgia?

No matter how well you can perform on a field sobriety test when sober, it’s not the same when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You can practice the heel to toe walk as many times as you want. Once you’re high or intoxicated, there’s no way you’re going to pass this test.

People who think they can study for a field sobriety test in Georgia is sorely mistaken. If you drink and get behind the wheel, you’re going to need to hire an experienced DUI attorney in Athens, Georgia.

Contact a Skilled DUI Lawyer in Athens Right Away

If you’re arrested for DUI in Athens, the state probably has some pretty strong evidence against you. They will have a video of you performing the FST. They may also have breathalyzer results, depending on whether or not you agreed to take the test. These things combined will determine if you’re arrested for DUI or not.

You can’t really prepare for an FST. However, you can make sure you prepare for court by calling and talking to one of our DUI lawyers.

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