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It’s not uncommon to see DUI checkpoints set up on New Year’s Eve in Georgia. It’s one way to keep drunk drivers off the road. It also allows the cops in Georgia to start the year off with dozens if not hundreds of DUI arrests. That appears to be the case for a Forsyth County deputy arrested for DUI while off-duty.

Justin Voss, a 33-year-old officer working out of Forsyth County, learned about holiday roadblocks the hard way. He was pulled over a little after 1 am on New Year’s Eve near GA-53. He almost drove right through the roadblock. He only stopped after uniformed officers flagged him down.

When the police approached Voss’ Chevy SUV, they reported smelling alcohol. They also indicated that Voss’ eyes were bloodshot, and he was slurring his words. They asked him to perform a field sobriety test. He failed the test miserably. The officers stated that Voss couldn’t even figure out which leg to start the test with. He also submitted to a breathalyzer test and registered a blood alcohol concentration of .109, almost .30 over the legal limit in Georgia.

Voss was taken to Dawson County Hospital so they could administer a blood test. He was then booked into the Dawson County jail. 

Internal Affairs has been notified. A copy of the video of the arrest and field sobriety test were provided to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council shortly after Voss’s arrest. The Forsyth County deputy arrested for DUI has also temporarily been placed on administrative leave. 

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