Assistant Police Chief in Clarkston, Georgia Resigns After DUI Arrest

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Most people think that certain individuals are above the law. When we think about people who get arrested for DUI, we think about young people leaving a nightclub. We can even imagine some buddies who go out for drinks after their day out hunting. The last thing we think about is a police officer or judge being stopped for DUI. But it happens more than you may think. Just ask Assistant Clarkston Police Chief Thadius Brown as the assistant police chief resigns after DUI arrest.

Toward the end of September, he was driving in town when he made a right turn at a red light. It was against the law to do that in Clarkson. When the officer pulled him over, he noticed the smell of alcohol. He also noticed that the driver had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. The driver turned out to be Assistant Police Chief Thadius Brown.

Brown was arrested and charged with DUI. When a police officer is charged with a crime of this nature, there’s usually an investigation by Internal Affairs. In this case, Brown decided to tender his resignation before the investigation begin.

There were no details about whether Brown took part in a field sobriety test. Nor did they announce what his BAC was at the time of the stop. However, one would imagine that he wouldn’t have resigned from his job after eleven years if he thought he had a chance of beating the charge.

This just goes to show you that nobody is immune from DUI laws in Georgia. Anyone can get stopped at any time. And, if they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will be arrested.

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