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Even in legal cases when you plan to file a legal complaint, consulting a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer in Athens is most imperative. Consulting a decent law firm that does not let their greed get the best of them in cases of large plea bargains is extremely vital.

On September 28, 2020, the American Bar Association issued a study analyzing trends in legal malpractice claims. The study revealed that claims arising from immigration matters and claims arising from settlement activities increased substantially. Moreover, there was also an uptick in claims involving huge payouts of $2 million or more.

While shortlisting a criminal defense lawyer in Athens, the following are some red flags worth considering:

Complicated Billing:

Due to the varying payment methods in the industry, hourly rates and a fixed flat rate are the two types of commonly used methods. You can only evaluate the total cost of your legal case when you are fully aware of the methods by which you are being charged. Lawyers that deduct concealed charges and invoices for expenses not previously agreed upon can be very suspicious.

Only reasonable charges should be permitted. In order to know from the start what your total costs are going to be, you should hire someone who agrees on a transparent fee payment schedule. Always discuss any fees issues with your lawyer face to face for prompt and effective resolution.

Lack of Respect for Peers:

The professional ability and qualification of your lawyer should be widely known among judges and other lawyers. They should be well-reputed and respected within the community. Lack of respect for your criminal lawyer can be a major red flag at the time of the announcement of the verdict by a jury.

Lack of Communication:

A good criminal defense lawyer is available for you at all times. The services of your legal team should be at your disposal 24/7 and you should be apprised of any progress to your case.

You should consider switching your lawyer in the case when you think that your case is not moving forward or is not getting the required attention.

Lacks Empathy or Interest in Your Case:

A good lawyer must only prioritize their client’s case. They should be able to understand what exactly you are suffering through and present it in the best possible way in front of a jury. The ideal attorney is the one who is prepared for every worst scenario and only focuses on what is best for you. An acquittal cannot be guaranteed by anyone. A competent defense attorney should always be honest about the progress of the case and your chances of acquittal.

Lack of Knowledge and Training:

Transparency and competency are the prime elements that you can professionally expect from your lawyer.     In order to build a defense customized to your specific needs, your lawyer should have full-fledged knowledge and understanding of your case.

How to Fire Your Criminal Defense Lawyer:

You are entitled to fire your lawyer at any given time unless your lawyer is appointed by the court. You should actively consider new representation in case there is any hint of one or more of these red flags. You do not deserve poor legal representation. Write your lawyer a letter in case you want to fire them. Dismissing them over the phone is not preferred. Your final letter to your attorneys should include some specific details such as:

  • The date of dismissal
  • Your explanation for firing them
  • Any documentation of misconduct
  • Receiving location of the legal files

Your former lawyer is liable to provide you with your legal file and any other ancillary information. A fee payment issue could also arise between you and your lawyer requiring swift resolution. The reason for this is that it is likely that your lawyers are going to demand payment for their services till the date of their dismissal.

The process of hiring a qualified defense lawyer should be properly and thoughtfully executed, along with proper fieldwork. This is an important decision and can potentially shape your life. The well-being of your family members also depends on this. Consider the above explained red flags whenever you are making such a decision.

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