23-Year Old Man from Georgia Charged with 1st Degree Vehicular Homicide After Drunk Driving Crash in Blairsville Georgia

The police responded to a crash in Blairsville this week. They found Hunter Ethan Elliott, a 23-year old man, in his Ford Super Duty truck along with GA 24 and Blue Ridge Drive. Elliott was driving along the road and approached the intersection at GA 24 and Blue Ridge Drive. There, a Ford Escape was stopped, waiting to go through the intersection. Elliott rear-ended the SUV causing severe damage.

In the Escape was 24-year old Joshua Bryson and his girlfriend, Santana Kelley. The two had their 2-year old son in the back seat. As a result of the crash, 2-year old Cohen Zayne Bryson was killed. His mom and dad were both taken to the hospital. Joshua Bryson suffered broken bones. Kelley, who is pregnant, was treated and is believed to be okay. 

The police have charged Elliott with a slew of criminal charges including 1st-degree vehicular homicide, DUI and felony hit and run. He has also been charged with two counts of serious bodily injury by vehicle.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found that Elliott was also driving on a suspended sentence. He had attempted to falsify his license so that the police wouldn’t realize he was driving while suspended. They found open containers of alcohol in his car as well. He has been charged with these offenses as well as reckless driving.

Elliott has been arrested and was taken to the Fannin County Jail. He was denied bond.

The suspect will likely face years in prison along with multiple fines. He will likely also face a possible wrongful death suit on behalf of the boy’s parents.

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Source: https://people.com/crime/georgia-toddler-is-killed-and-pregnant-mom-hospitalized-when-alleged-drunk-driver-rear-ends-car/

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